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Cambridge Niveau 2

Examen Niveau 2


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I ____ having fun with my friends. 're 's 'm.
I'm doing ____ every friday now. biking volleyball karate.
I love to play tennis. B : congratulations! wow! That's cool. how often do you play?.
____ are those shoes? B: They're $125. how many how much how.
I have my books in my ___. scarf backpack boots.
How much do you want to spend?B: ___ about $50. Let me think yes Uh-huh.
she ____ goog chinese food: can't making can't makes can't make.
My family is from saudia arabia. we speak ____. Arab Arabic arabic.
You ____ want to go eat yesterday. didn't don't doesn't.
Mario ___ an English lesson yesterday had hased haved.
I am 30 years old today. B ___! Happy Brithday Good luck congratulations.
You ____happy last night. weren't aren't wasn't.
I ____ my sister play in a band. went to seen went to see went to saw.
how was the party? B: it was great! ____ how did you do? Did you have a good night? where did you do?.
My family always eats ___ cereal. a lot of many a few.
How much ___ do we need for the barbeque? chips hamburger meat chikens.
I usually eat eggs or _____ for breakfast. anything something everything.
She ___ calling from home. 're 's 'm.
How much are they? B:___$ 7.99 They It's They're.
They Want to buy _____. Boots boot a boots.
This coat costs $159.99. B: ____ That's expensive. yes Oh I'm Listening.
can you take a cab? B yes, I ___. can't can can take.
You are living in ecuador? Can you speak ___? spain Ecuadorian Spanish.
Raggae is ____ music. a kind of kind of kind of like.
WE__ om skype a week ago. Chatted chated chat.
she ___ tow dresses yesterday. did bought buyed bought.
I have a horrible Flu.B ____! You poor thing Good for you Good luck.
___did you go?b: we went to florida. Who Where what.
My friends and I ___ on the beach. we made a fire and told scary stories. got camping goed camping went camping.
Let's go camping this weekend! B: sounds great._____, I have to go now, but let's talk about this later. Anyway Wow Really.
You never eat___. bananas a bananas banana.
Plese buy me some ____at the store. ice cream apple strawberry.
I ___ that food. 'm eating not 'm not eating m not eating.
In the __, it's hot fall winter summer.
I'm watching a documentary about world war II. B ____ Oh, that's interesting Oh, that's terrible Oh, that's too bad.
How much ___ it? B: It's $ 49.99 am are is.
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