certif co chphi 2

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certif co chphi 2

certif co chphi 2

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A sender check is carried out for the transaction "reposting of line items" True False.
Activity types The allocation cost element must be a secondary cost element of the type 43 The price must be planned per cost center and activity type A cost center can only perform activities for another cost center The allocation cost element is a mandatory field in the master data of the activity type.
How can you assign a profit center to a sales order item? The profit center is taken from the customer master record The profit center can be entered manually The profit center for the material is set automatically The profit center can be set with a substitution.
Debiting and crediting can be executed under a primary or secondary activity type True Fasle.
A cycle consists of only one segment True Fasle.
It is best to create several cycles, taking into consideration the system performance True Fasle.
You create separate cycles for plan and actual allocations True Fasle.
A customer tells you that a particular cost is highly fluctuating month after month and the tracing factor cannot be applied to the cost for allocations. Which of the following is the right option to chose? Assessment allocation structure Periodic reposting Cumulative allocation Distribution.
You can make reconciliation postings only on closing of accounting year or financial year True Fasle.
The SAP system posts only the difference between the new CO values and the last reconciliation posting made True Fasle.
You need to create adjustment and clearing accounts in FI to make reconcilation postings True Fasle.
The reconciliation ledger differentiates postings and provides total according to: Functional area Origin group Object type business area profit center Accounts (cost elements) Activity Object class Company code.
The four management accounting object classes are: Production Investment Internal orders Profit and loss Cost elements Overhead.
Everytime the reconciliation postings are made, the whole values are replaced with the new values and the old values are overwritten by the SAP system True False.
Identify the types of planning areas: Profit centers Cost element/activity input Statistical key figures cost centers Activity type/prices.
The system creates a planning version automatically when the controlling area is created. Which version is that? 0 1 2 3.
During the planning phase you can switch between the planning layouts that belong to a certain planning area or planner profile True False.
Actual costs and commitments are funds allotted to an order and they can be checked against the budget using ______ Funds management Budget profile Availability control.
Carry forward of the unused budget to the next fiscal year: validate the following statements: You can return funds to the old fiscal year up to the amount of budget actually carried forward You can execute the carry forward more than once in a fiscal year. Each time the programme carries forward only the budgets which were previously not carried forward You can carry forward unused budgets even if the order is in status "closed" or is flagged for deletion Commitments can also be carried forward along with the budget carry forward You can carry forward unused budgets to the next fiscal year.
The system performance is better for groups if they don't have selection variants True Fasle.
Every cost center must be assigned to a standard hierarchy True False.
The following settings are influenced by the cost center category the default value for the control indicators the cost element the company code.
The default account assignment is defined in the cost element master record is maintained in customizing can be overwritten chooses automatic account assignment when faced with contradictory information.
Apportionment can transfer primary and secondary costs Requires a primary cost element of type 42 to clear the costs Requires a secondary cost element of type 43 for clearing can be reversed and repeated as often as required can only be used in conjunction with the allocation structure.
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