certif co stbpa 1/2

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certif co stbpa 1/2

certif co stbpa 1/2


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In the statistical key figure master data, the category "fixed value" means that the figure you enter once, remains valid for every next months, until you change it again true false.
To a controlling area showing currency EUR, you can assign a company code whose main currency is USD true false.
A cost center is company code dependant true false.
A profit center is company code dependant true false.
The business process is a master data used in product costing true false.
The lot size variance is a variance on the input side true false.
Cost element with category 42 is used in combination with an activity type true false.
Distribution cycles can only distribute primary cost elements true false.
There exist transactions helping you to copy planning data to actual data in mass true false.
Cost element category 90 can only be used for a balance sheet account true false.
It is possible to maintain several planning versions true false.
You can't modify default planning layout for you in SAP standard planning profile? true false.
In order to execute price calculation, the activity type category must be set as automatically based on activity true false.
Which of the following is a typical process sequence of Product Sale from Stock? Incoming order -> Goods receipts/transport -> Dunning and payment -> Billing Purchase requisition -> Delivery/transport -> Dunning and payment -> Billing Incoming order -> Transport/delivery -> Billing -> Dunning and payment Purchase requisition -> Billing -> Transport/goods receipts -> Dunning and payment .
The system does not allow you to create a primary cost element. What do you check first ? Whether the cost element category is valid . Whether the P&L account exists . Whether the GL account currency is the same as the controlling area currency . Whether the balance sheet account exists . .
You have posted the results of an assessment cycle run, but some assigned receivers were wrong. How can you correct this ? Correct the receiver entries and rerun the cycle. The original run will be canceled automatically Correct the receiver entries and rerun the cycle with a different cycle run group to post only the corrected results to the first run Post a manual cost allocation with the same assessment cost element You must cancel the allocation with the original settings, before you correct the receiver entries and rerun the cycle .
A customer wants to perform results analysis on sales orders and needs two different methods for different accounting principles (for example, US-GAAP, IFRS). How can the customer achieve this ? Use two results analysis versions in the IMG Use two results analysis keys in the sales order item. Use two requirement classes in the sales order item. Use two separate sales order items. .
A customer is missing the values for commitments for internal orders. Where does the customer have to activate Commitment Management to get these values ? In the controlling area. In the order type. In the original order budget. .
Where do you have to activate commitment management to enable posting commitments on cost centers? Controlling area Cost center master record Cost element master record Standard hierarchy .
Which of the following is an application of reference and simulation costing? To calculate a simulated product without material master To update the standard price of a reference material. To create a material costing for simulation purposes. To calculate a price for an internal activity. .
You are creating an FI posting in classic GL with assignment to a CO object The posting cannot be saved. The posting will be assigned to the dummy profit center. The posting will only be posted to the original assigned CO object. The posting will be assigned to the top node of the profit center standard hierarchy. .
Which step of the sales from stock process creates the cost of goods sold in costing-based CO-PA? Creating the sales order. Creating the outbound delivery. Creating the billing document. Creating the transport order. .
The customer requires a new Report Painter report displaying cost information and statistical key figures in one report. By defining two separate reports and combining them. By defining two sections in the report. By defining two variants for the report. By defining additional rows in the report. .
Assessment cost elements are… primary cost element secondary cost element.
What are the 3 components of a Costing sheet? Overhead rate Costing key Credit Line ID Base.
Scrap variance is always calculated with the valuation variant entered in target cost version 0 true false.
Intra materials … are temporary and exist only between production phases or within production phases are valuated only in case of an interruption in the process and is put into inventory, based on the valuation variant for the valuation of good received are not costed.
______ is used when the controlling focus is on concrete quantities Product cost by period Product cost by order sales order.
In repetetive manufacturing the quantities determined in the preliminary costing can be used as default values for the confirmations true false.
When controlling focus is on products and not on the sales order Use make to order with product cost by sales order use make to order without product cost by sales order.
You can add or delete co-products from a material list true false.
It can use all information from R/3 as a cost driver to assign overhead costs strictly according to the cause. Template allocation Periodic reposting Distribution Assessment.
Product cost by order should be performed by period must be performed by period variance= actual costs-delivery value variance= actual costs-delivery value-WIP WIP calculated on target costs WIP calculated on actual costs.
A product cost collector needs to be created manually before a production process starts true false.
Make to order without product cost by sales order: validate the following statements Additional period end closing activities have to be performed for the sales order When the production controlled is strictly focussed on the product and not on the sales order When the sales order is used only for logistical purposes.
You use valuated stock if you want to post the good movements with corresponding postings FI true false.
The variance for the process order is determined when the order is Partially released Fully delivered or technically completed Released Partially delivered.
Preliminary costing is used to Valuate work in process Determine production variances and valuate scrap variances Revaluate reporting point quantities if the reporting point structure is changed Determine the activity quantity to be confirmed in repetetive manufacturing.
The actual costs of the cost object results from Confirmations in production Reposting and allocation of overhead in cost accounting Primary postings from FI Invoice receipts in FI Goods movement in material management.
Which statement is right for Price indicator S: The price difference is debited to price difference account and inventory change account is credited The price difference is debited to inventory account and credits inventory change account.
Standard cost estimate includes planned component scrap true false.
EK01= choose this condition type for sales order costing purely for statistical purposes true false.
The order type of the Product cost collector must belong to order category 2 3 5 1 6.
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